October 11: Domestic Violence Awareness

I am behind on writing Domestic Violence Awareness posts, but I want everyone to know that it's never okay to allow someone to bully you in anyway in your relationship or marriage. They want control, you to fear them, to make you feel like you can't do things on your own.

Take the control AWAY completely from them, by leaving the situation and making yourself a new start on your own. I was a stay at home mother to my 2 children for most of their life, other than 10 months and in June 2013, I had to leave and I applied everywhere I could think of. In August, I got a text from a good friend asking if I still needed a job. I got hired there at the daycare and have been there since. I make my own money, none of it goes to him, it all is kids and mine. I save a good bit and use what I need/want to for us and set some for holidays for kids. I have almost had a job for 3 months now and love it. I CAN do this on my own and support my kids and I. It will be okay in time, and I will get a place of our own and have a vehicle I own, 

If you think that you have to stay, please get yourself out of the situation before it gets worse. I know it is VERY hard to force yourself to 100% get out, but I know it's possible and you'll be okay. Stay with a family member or friend until you can get on your own two feet.

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