October 1: Domestic Violence Awareness

October is domestic violence awareness month and it's a sad yet very real and true life for many people, both male and female to deal with in their home whether married or dating.

I have dealt with domestic violence both physically and emotionally and mentally from 2007 - 2013 other than 2 years of not dealing with the physical aspect of it. It's a tough topic to talk about but it's a reality for so many women, as well as men sometimes too. 

At first, it started as a "game" of who can hit the other the fastest in the arm, so I played along. And then it became a lot more often and I noticed it was when I got him mad over stupid things, so I started to take photos of it to keep record of it if I needed it later. Over time, it progressed and we had gotten married. I thought it was a weird way to treat someone you claim to love and gave your life to, but he never apologized for the way he treated me, both physically and emotionally / mentally until 2013. In 2011, he stopped the physical aspect of it, but never stopped the verbal abuse until June 2013 when I finally left and took kids. He still doesn't see anything wrong with the way he's treated me, because in one way or another I deserved it for one reason or another. 

How to get help:
- Make a police report
- Tell family members or friends
- Get yourself to someplace safe


  1. I am so sorry you had to go through this. But you are a strong woman and a great mother for doing what is best for you and your kids. My heart goes to you, your family, and all the violence victims out there looking for a way out.

    1. Thanks. I am too and wish I would have left before I married him because it's been a issue for 6 yrs basically off and on in one way or another. it's tough leaving 3 months ago, but I am much happier and kids too. He makes my life heck til we things agreed for visitation but other than that, things are good.

      I was a SAHM for 5 yrs other than 10 months and now have been working since August 20 and the kids love the daycare i work at too, so it's working itself out for the better. I know i can do it. I live with my parents, so i have a lot of support.

      Thank you for prayers. it means a lot

  2. I too am a survivor. I've been out of the bad situation for years but I still suffer from the effects that were caused by the abuse. My abuse was mostly emotional and mental with a small amount of physical violence toward me but LOTS of physical violence toward my mama as well as mental and emotional.

    1. I'm sorry, but am glad that you got out. I have nights where I get upset thinking about everything I put up with, but am glad I am out. I know I will be stronger through all of this and my kids will be much healthier when things settle down as a whole. They live with me, but when they are with him 2x a week and every other weekend, he tends to talk negative about me at times or say things that aren't true, so we have to guide them and tell them to not listen to what he says.

      They are 4 and 5.