Lionsgate: Angelina Ballerina DVD

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from Lionsgate in order to facilitate this review for my readers. All information in this post is pre- written from paper included with the DVD I received.

My review of this movie in my own words:
My daughter is 5 and one of her favorite shows to watch on Amazon Prime: Roku is Angelina Ballerina, and she is going to LOVE this one! This is going to be a Christmas present for her, so I watched it to perform the review. As you know, Angelina has many friends and loves to spend her free time with them. In this movie, there's a big spring fling dance to go to and Vicky decided that the theme would be cake. Angelina wants to see how her and her friends can fit all their favorite muusic and dances into the big grand finale. They have a wonderful time!

Angelina and her friends stay on their toes in these twirling, whirling tales of friendship and fun! There are sweet surprises in store when Angelina and her friends must "dance like a cake" for Vicky's cake-themed dance day. It is the big Spring Fling too, but how will Angelina and her friends fit all their favorite types of music and dance into the grand finale? Angelina's parents even get into the swing of things with their very own new dance routine. The stage is set for an absolutely, positively, amazing time!

- Angelina's dance like a cake day
- Angelina's noisy, messy lunchtime
- Angelina and the musical plant
- Angelina and her parents' dance lessons
- Angelina's mother's day

DVD Bonus Features:
- A dance a day Dance Club
- 1, 2, 3. 4, 5 Karaoke music video
- Swing thing Karaoke music video

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