Off-Road Luxury Vehicles and Specifications

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If you like driving off paved roads, you might want to test drive a Land Rover in Portland. You won’t be able to test drive the Land Rover off road, of course, but you will be able to get a feel for the vehicle while you are driving it. Land Rovers are built to handle quite a bit of abuse, but you will feel luxurious while you are doing it. They have many luxurious features that, once you experience, you will never want anything less. They come in different exterior and interior colors that will appeal to everyone.

Engines and Interior and Exterior

Land Rovers have big engines that will give you great performance and the power that you need to get up the steep hills you will want to climb with your off road vehicle. Exterior features can include a split rear tailgate that has upper and lower sections. The side mirrors can be colored the same as the body color. The wheel arches, rear applique panel, and rear bumper can be color coordinated. The roof above the second and third seats is glass for a great view out of the top of the Land Rover. It comes with interior sunblinds that have reflective characteristics to keep the interior of the Land Rover cool. The sunroof over the front seats is electric and will allow fresh air into the Land Rover.

Upholstery, Electronics, and Communications

The interior of the Land Rover can come in almond leather and nutmeg carpet or ebony leather with ebony carpet. Also inside, you will find a leather steering wheel, dual-zone climate controls that are automatic, seats that are electric, and cup holders that are accessible from all seats. The steering wheel will adjust forward and backward, and up and down. The vanity mirrors have lights as well as the foot wells and door puddles. Another addition is distance control for parking at the front and the rear. You will find remote audio controls on the steering wheel. You can connect your Bluetooth to the communication system. The speakers in the Land Rover in Portland are many, and they will provide excellent sound for all of your audio needs.

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