Child's Play - DVDs, Plush animals, book, and Slime review!

*Disclaimer - I received all 3 of these DVDs from Child's Play in order to facilitate this review for my readers. All opinions are 100% that of my own. 

Review of the Berenstain Bears DVDs and plush animals:
I received these 2 DVDs and my kids love them! They have always loved these movies and have had a lot of fun with these plush animals too. The brother bear DVD is all about the brother bear and some fun adventures he likes to do, and the sister DVD is all about the brother bear and some fun things she likes to do. They are a fun family of bears who love to get into mischief sometimes and have fun as a family and by themselves in the woods. 

Review of the Horrid Henry DVD, book, and slime:
The Horrid Henry DVD we didn't really enjoy much as it was a little old for my kids. They thought the book was a little weird, but that's because the kid in the book is a bad kid full of trouble and doesn't like to listen to anyone and always ends up in trouble of somesort. The slime that came with these products was a lot of fun for my kids to play with but was a bit of a mess too. We played with it over the tiled kitchen floor, so it wasn't that bad. I tried putting it into a plastic bag and it was a bit icky to get out of the bag, but we played with it about 3 times before just throwing it away. They had never played with any slime before. 

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