Tmart products

*Disclaimer - I received the 3 items in this post from Tmart for reviewing purposes only. My opinions may differ from yours, but I'm being honest about the company's appearance as well as products. 

First off, I in no way try to do any negative reviews for companies in anyway but this one is a bit hard not to because of a few things; Tmart pitched me, but their email came across as very unprofessional and a lot of mispunctation done. I gave them a list of things that I wanted to review as a blogger. They asked which ones I'd like best, so I gave them one option for me and one for both of my kids. They ended up sending my son something that is not even anything that I linked to them and I can't even get it out of the case without unscrewing it. He wanted a plastic digger truck toy, and they sent me a Die Cast car that isn't meant for playing with. They didn't even send the one I had linked for my daughter; only that, makeup, and a bag for makeup.

First up is the 88 Color Matte Pearescent Eyeshadow Pallete :
This item is the best of the 3 I received for my review. It includes a nice amount of eye shadows, shades, and colors to choose from to wear. They are pretty colors and it has a built in mirror on the pallete which is pretty nice to have as a female; I know I love mirrors being compact in size, not big. I usually stick with lighter blue, green, or pink colors for eye shadow, but I may end up trying all of them out eventually. My sister will be using some of them too. The price of this pallete is $10.99.
Next up is the car I didn't ask for that was suppose to of been a play truck:
The first photo is what they said they were sending for my son, and the second photo is what was sent. As you can see, the Tmart Model Car isn't really meant to be played with, but it will be anyway. Its price is $8.21 on their website. The Mini Shop Truck I had picked out is $4.04 in price.
Next up is the "large" makeup bag:
This Tmart Makeup Bag on the website appeared to be a good decent size, so I decided to go with it afterall, but when I got it out of the packaging it was a lot smaller than I thought it would be. It fits some of my makeup in it, but not the blushes, concealer, and lipsticks after I put all my eye shadows in it. You'd think with a large makeup bag you could fit a nice amount of items inside of it. The first photo is the makeup bag zipped closed. It's cute as it's pink and girly but the second photo is of the inside of it and doesn't have a big amount of space. Its price is $8.66 on their website.

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