Puffs Fresh Faces

*Disclaimer - I received 2 packages of the goodies I am reviewing in this post from Puffs Fresh Faces . All opinions are 100% that of my own and of my kids'.

We got a knock at the door the other day and I wasn't sure what I was waiting on to review, so my daughter grabbed the box and ran inside to give it to me to open, as they LOVE to see what I review! So, here's the box before it was opened. Don't you love the bow? I do!
This folder came inside of the box before I got to the rest of the goodies inside.
Of course my daughter immediately wanted the cute backpack like bag, so it's now hers and since 2 packages came my son got to keep the other bag.
Here's everything that was in the package for the one and the other was the exact same. 

It came with:
- Small water bottle
- Puffs Face wipes both scented and non scented
- The bag
- Packages of fresh face wipes
- Mini mirror

We love everything that came in these packages. Not too sure how I ended up with two of them, but I'm glad I did as I have 2 children who love to help Mommy review. I have always been a big fan of Puffs so this was pretty neat being able to work with them on a review.

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