How to Eat Healthy at Mexican Restraunts

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When it’s date night or you’re out with your friends, you may wonder which restaurant you should hit that night. If you’re trying to lose weight and be fit, your options may be limited. You may even be tempted to skip out entirely on eating out, especially if your friends or date doesn’t have the same concerns you do. However, one way to reach a happy medium is trying one of the Mexican restaurants in Northridge. There are plenty of healthy selections to be made at a Mexican restaurant if you know these tips and suggestions.

Appetizers and Toppings
The first thing the waiter will bring out is a bag of chips. While these are delicious, you can afford to forego this appetizer. One serving means 9 grams of fat as well as 200 calories. The server will also likely bring you salsa or pico de gallo. Feel free to dig in since this means fresh tomatoes, cilantro, onions, and even jalapenos. You can eat these atop fresh carrots and other veggies along with the entrée coming later. Other foods to avoid are guacamole, cheese, and sour cream, since they have high fat content. If you want toppings, go with salsa or guacamole in small portions. If you want to order a healthy appetizer, consider ordering a shrimp cocktail.

Main Courses

You may wonder what item you should order off the menu when at Mexican restaurants in Northridge. Remember that baked or grilled can be healthy and just as tasty. Stay away from fried or breaded items. Tacos al carbon, grilled chicken enchiladas, grilled chicken salad, black bean soup, and shrimp entrées are great choices. You can also look on the menu for low-fat options. When given the choice of meats, choose chicken over beef. If you want to eat tacos, go for a soft shell so you won’t eat anything fried. Corn tortillas are better since they contain fewer fats and calories. Many meals come with refried beans, which are often fatty and not too great for you health-wise. See if you can sub refried beans for black beans, which are not cooked in oil and are boiled instead.  

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