Diamond Candle Giveaway!!

*Disclaimer -By entering, you are agreeing to join the Diamond Candle email newsletter. This is a giveaway for a candle from Diamond Candles to go with the review candle I am getting. You will be emailed a coupon code from me once winner is chosen, and it is good for ANY candle on their website. 

Good luck everyone!!!


  1. Oh man I'm definitely entering this! I've wanted one of these for ages!! :D Thanks for this giveaway! Super excited to enter!

  2. I want that Cinnamon Roll sooooo bad I can smell it. :)

  3. Replies
    1. you're welcome! There needs to be a entry for winner as well as i'd like my twitter added. i'll email you to get it added.

      Cant wait to get candle in mail!