Cool Gear Inc

*Disclaimer - I received these products from Cool Gear Inc in order to facilitate this review for my readers. All opinions are 100% that of my own.
I have been really wanting to get my hands on these particular lunch and snack containers made by Cool Gear Inc and finally have, and LOVE these! 

Here are the items I received for review and how I like them so far:

Stay Fit Cereal Kit - I absolutely love this one as it's easy to use for on the go cereal at work when you don't have much space for it. It's a nice size which is good. Its blue lid is where the milk goes, and it's easy to pour onto the cereal in the container that is white. 

Information about the Cereal Kit:
- It's BPA Free
- It's easy to use
- Non toxic freezer gel built into walls of milk cup
- Cereal bowls holds up to 18 oz of cereal
- It has a folding spoon included
- The price of it is only $9.99

Yogurt 2 go:
These 2 small containers are great to use too! They came with my cereal kit. The taller one I placed some dry cereal in and it works great. The smaller one I put some chip dip inside and placed it in the fridge.

Stay Fit Snack and Dip Bowl - I am excited to have this one for my son and myself too, as he just started kindergarten and loves veggies such as carrots and ranch dip, so this is the perfect item for him to take and fits great in his lunchbox too! 

Information about the Snack and Dip Bowl:
- It's BPA Free
- The dip container snaps into freezer lid
- It holds your favorite snacks
- Simply freeze it, fill it, and go
- Non toxic freezer gel in lid keeps your snacks and dip cold
- The price of it is only $7.99

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