Back to School - Frecklebox!!

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this review from Frecklebox in order to facilitate this review for my readers. All opinions are 100% that of my own and my childrens'. 

The items I received for review are:
Princess Coloring Book ($6.95) with Lollipop Hearts Stickers ($3.95)
Dinosaur Coloring Book ($6.95) with Dinosaur Adventure 2 Stickers ($3.95)
Flutterbees Notebook ($9.95) and Hoot Hoot Notebook ($9.95)

My opinions of the review items I received:
I love my notebooks that I received. The owl and flutterbees notebooks are cute! I use the notebooks I get to review from Frecklebox as company / review item storage and put it all in one place, so I am better organized. For only $9.95, it's very well worth the price to have a personalized notebook with plenty of paper inside.

My kids love their personalized coloring books. The dinosaur and princess coloring books are adorable and have some cute pages in them. The awesome things about the coloring books on Frecklebox is that they come with a 4 crayon bag with each one.

My kids also chose to get the stickers to go with their coloring books, so they have fun putting their stickers anywhere they want. I highly recommend to add these to your orders if you are planning on getting coloring books for kids in your life and know which to get.

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