Back to School - Dorm Co Items!

*Disclaimer - I received the 3 items in this post from Dorm Co in order to facilitate this review for my readers. All opinions are 100% that of my own. They are also sponsoring a great giveaway item of the Rapid Ramen Cooker!! 
I received the above items from the wonderful company called Dorm Co. I am excited to bring you this review of these 3 awesome products! They are all perfect for my needs and go great with my lifestyle of being a busy Mommy of 2. 

The Rapid Ramen Cooker is $7.99 on their website and is a great investment! Perfect size and use for a college student constantly on the go or for kids who love Ramen Noodles. Below is the Rapid Ramen Cooker in use! This cooker is very microwave safe and you will need to fill water to the line and place the ramen noodle inside the container. You'll cook it for 4 minutes, and it cooks it perfectly! The first one is before I cooked the noodles, the second photo is of the noodles still in the water after being cooked, and the final photo is of the ramen noodles drained and ready to eat! 

The College Girl Laundry Bag - Vine Blossom is a GREAT poduct and is very nice space wise as it's very big and has plenty of room for lots of laundry in it. Its size is 28" x 38". The price of it is $7.86. It's absolutely perfect for laundry with college students! The below photos are of the beautiful Vine Blossom laundry bag for college girls! I absolutely love it, and it's huge as you can see which is great for college students. This is the bag in full! Isn't it gorgeous?? The second and final photo is of it with the laundry I have in it to go wash.

The Dorm Bedding Storage Box  is awesome and has a good amount of space to it, and I use it for my kids' toys right now and it works wonders, and I just got it! I got the black/white zebra printed box. It's a fun design! The first photo of the Storage Box is of my kids' toys inside of it, and it fits a lot in it too! The second photo is of the side view of the storage box, and the third and final photo is of it zipped up and the carry handle. This would be great for storage of college books, clothes to pack away, or anything else that you'd use it for in a college dorm.

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  1. They look like great items - especially the ramen cooker.