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*Disclaimer - This is a sponsored post by BrandBacker and I am receiving payment for this post.

Have you heard of Yabbly yet? If not, keep reading to find out just what it is so that you may be interested in finding out more information about it. 

Yabbly  is basically an online community of some thoughtful people who like to help each other in making great purchasing decisions each and everyday. How awesome is that? I'd love help in making bigger purchases, as I'm not too keen on knowing what good sales really are. 

They were actually finalists in SxSW 2013 in the social category and are the TOP 3 search result in "product reviews" on the Iphone app store. They want our help in beauty, lifestyle, fashion, tech, and home to help with their Yabbly community grow! Feel free to download their Iphone app at anytime and spread the word. 

My experience with Yabbly:
I had a fun experience with using Yabbly. It has a LOT of awesome resources when it comes to purchasing just about anything you could think of online or in store. It gives feedback reviews on a lot of products, which is what I find very helpful reading before I make a serious purchase that is more than $50 in value.

Top Ten favorite items I own:
1. Compaq 15.6" Laptop
2. Archos 9" Tablet
3. 4G LTE Smartphone
4. My cat Midnight
5. My kids toys
6. My blog
7. Storage containers
8. Drivers License
9. Hoodies
10. Minnie Mouse blanket

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