Soda Stream System!!

*Disclaimer - I received a Soda Stream System with a carbonator, full size soda flavors, and 2 bottles in order to facilitate this review.

I received this red metallic like colored Soda Stream and I love it! It's semi girly!

I tried out the Cola flavor first and it was much better this time of reviewing it than it was a year or so ago when I reviewed with them, which is great! I highly recommend this system!

What flavors came with the Soda Stream I received for review & bottle sizes??
- Cola - 6 liter and 12 liter
- Root Beer - 12 liter
- Black Currant and Pear - 6 liter 
- Diet Pink Grapefruit - 12 liter
- Cranberry Raspberry - 12 liter
- Ginger Ale - 6 liter
- Diet Lemon Lime
- 3 pack glass bottles of My water flavor essence - 1.35 oz each, Orange, raspberry, and lemon lime
- Energy drink

Mini samples: 1.7 oz each which is 1 liter
- Diet Cranberry Raspberry
- Diet Cola
- Dr Pete
- Diet Dr Pete
- Diet Root Beer
- Root Beer
- Fountain Mist
- Orange
- Diet Lemon Lime
- Diet Pink Grapefruit
- Lemon Lime

Opinions of 4 flavors I chose to try out:
- Cola - I love this flavor and it's actually a lot better of a taste than the real Cola is. 
- Energy - It tastes good and is similar to Monster in some ways, but has a gross aftertaste to it.
- My water raspberry - It tastes really good and has a strong raspberry flavor to it.
- Black Currant and Pear - It had a sort of bitter taste to it but also a sweet twist to it, so it was okay.

Look at all these awesome flavors and items I got with this Soda Stream system. There is a lot that came with the system this time and it's awesome. I love the red color as it's bright.

What is the price of this red Soda Stream system?
- The starter kit  is $99.95 on their website!
- The Source Metal Edition Starter Kit is $129.95 on their website!

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