Social Spark - Good Nites Underwear Undercover Mission

*Disclaimer - I was provided with 1 pack of small size Good Nites from Social Spark in order to do this campaign, and it's also a sponsored post so I am receiving payment for this campaign post.

Do you know of kids who still have occassional accidents at night, even if they are 100% potty trained? I know my 4 1/2 year old daughter sometimes has accidents at night, more so when she's had a drink beforehand. These helped for her to realize she wets at night when she has a drink, and I put them on her under her underwear. She didn't really like these even though it's only a week of trying them I was doing for her to see how they help, because she said "they feel like baby diapers, I don't want this on". So she wore it only at night for like 4 days to give them a try. 

Check out the GoodNites website, as well as their  GoodNites Facebook Page for more information about the mission and their products.

Here's the package we got to review for this mission in a small/medium size

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