4th of July - Build a Bear

*Disclaimer - I received these 2 Smurfs from Build a Bear and all opinions are 100% that of my own and of my kids. 

My kids were ecstatic when they saw that their surprise from Build a Bear was here! 

Meet the Smurfettes!  :) They are new to Build a Bear! Aren't they just adorable??

My son was excited and immediately claimed that the "witch smurf" was going to be his.

My daughter absolutely loves her Smurfette too and is excited to have a new item from Build a Bear.

I was very excited for my kids about these Smurfettes they got for review from the amazing Build a Bear . It's always awesome when I work with Build a Bear. They have excellent customer service and are quick with shipping it to me. 

They have a promotional going on right now that is called "Free to be Blue! Make your own Smurfette, Vexy, and Hackus". While quanities last. Outfits and accessories are sold separately. 

My kids reactions to their new Smurfettes collection:
My son was very excited and said can I pick one? I said of course one is yours and the other is your sister's. He picked what he called the Witch Smurf, which was the black haired one. My daughter loves the fluffy haired one. 

The prices:

Sweet Smurfette is $41 in value. She is lovely and is soft and fun for kids to play with!

Mischievous Vexy is $45.50 in value. This is an awesome Smurf to have for kids to play with.


  1. How cute! love the pics! thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Thanks! My kids love these Smurfettes! You're welcome

  3. My Mini-Me loves Build-A-Bear. I just wished they made more that are hypoallergenic.

  4. Ha, ha, ha... Love these. super-cute...

  5. I love the Smurfette one! Build-A-Bear has the cutest thiings!

  6. I love Build A Bear, These are so cute..

  7. Those are super cute and I love that they stay with the times, and in this case ahead of the times with their characters!