Why you should always use labels and keywords in each post Tutorial

Why is it important to make sure you use labels and keywords with every blog post you do for readers?
  • It increases the number of viewers to each post when you take the time to place labels on your posts. If you don't, you're really limiting how many and who is able to view the posts you publish on your website.
  • It's easier to manage your website when you use specific keywords for your posts. 
There are 2 different kinds of keywords in the blogging world: 
  • Short tail which is basically only 3 keywords placed together
  • Long tail which is placing 4 or more keywords together
Where can you find a place on Blogger to create your keyword labels?
  • On the right hand side of the New Post page, you will see Post Settings and directly under that is a tab called labels. Click on that tab and you'll see a blank white box. 
  • You can add up to 20 labels/keywords
  • Once you have added all of the keywords that you want the post to have, there is a button that says Done. Click on that and then publish your blog post!
  • You will find that once you start labeling all of your blog posts, that you get a lot more views to each post. I know when I didn't add any keywords in the beginning of my blogging career, I got close to no views at all, but since I started adding keywords, I get a lot of hits to most of my posts now.
I hope that this How to Tutorial for Keywords/Labels has helped you learn a little more about blogging to have your posts viewed a lot more. Feel free to share this post with any of your Facebook groups, friends, and even on your own blog.


  1. Thanks for the tips. I always wondered if the on the blog posts are more for your blogs than for the internet search engines. Are they searchable on the internet?

    1. You're welcome.

      I'm not sure about that. I know that certain keywords I have on posts are searchable on Google Search. So, I'd assume they would be searchable on the internet.

  2. Does it work the same way on WordPress blogs?

    1. I'm not sure. I have never owned a blog on WordPress

  3. Thanks for all the tips! Very helpful!


  4. Great tips, thanks for sharing. I do put keywords in but not enough and should try much harder.