Summertime Refreshing Drinks

My family has always loved making homemade smoothies from fresh fruit and enjoying it with a fresh strawberry and whip cream on top! I have two small children under the age of six who love anything sweet, so smoothies are always a big hit in my home.

They love to help me put together everything that we need to make a shake, such as berries, whip cream or cool whip, banana if they want one in the smoothie, some milk, and vanilla or strawberry ice cream. We love to make summer fun when it comes to sweets and drinks or shakes. They love for me to add blueberries sometimes to add some flavor to it.

I prefer making my own shakes over buying them in stores or restraunts, because of the fresh taste it has. Summertime is the best time for kids to have some fresh drinks and go enjoy the weather outside with some fresh beverages to have. My kids are constantly on the go playing all day, so they love having something to drink when they come inside for a bit.

We need to have more fruits added into the blender soon to make a good concoction. What is your favorite drink to make for yourself or kids in the summer time?? I know my personal favorite is strawberry smoothies! My kids love when I mix berries in a shake and add cool whip to it best. Fresh berry smoothies are THE best to have, especially when you have kids, so they get the best in one drink! Smoothies are my favorite childhood memories. It isn't time consuming at all either, so that's another huge plus to it!


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    1. I just get blender out and add fresh strawberries (2 handfuls), a cup or 2 of ice cream, cup of milk, and handful of blueberries and blend it for 2 mins or so and then pour it in a mug and add a few tablespoons of cool whip