Summer plans and activities to do with kids

What are some fun things you can find to do in the summer for your kids?
- Go to the lake (we are next weekend)
- Cookout
- Go to the pool
- Go to the fair (we are July 3)
- Enjoy the nice weather and play outside
- Go on hikes
- Take your kids to an amusement / water park
- Go on vacation

We just got back from PA at 5:20am June 10, from visiting in laws, neice, nephew, and sister in laws. We also went to my husband's 2nd cousin's high school graduation. 

Here's some fun pictures from our trip I hope you all enjoy!

 Here's our daughter on their cousins' 4 wheeler that is perfectly for their size. They loved driving it all over camp all by themselves and with each other riding with them. It was a lot of fun for them! They had a blast.

Here's a bear claw we found outside of the camp on the side of the trailer. We didn't see it lol.

Before leaving PA, we went to a lookout where we could see some elk which are huge deer like animals that are very dangerous if you go near them. We saw about 12 of them in the field, so it was pretty awesome finally getting to see one in person, not just pictures. 

Me outside at Sheetz waiting for my husband to get back from getting us food, so we could go

My husband and our daughter A playing Monopoly. She is 4 1/2. Our son D is 5 1/2 and he beat all of the adults in the game! He had like all these houses/hotels on his properties! 

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