Give me your feedback regarding my upcoming Christmas gift guide! See post for details

I am looking for my followers feedback on what companies you'd like me to contact for my Christmas gift guide 2013. I need you to comment this blog post with the name or website to the companies you'd like me to contact for both a review and giveaway. I will be accepting submissions for my Christmas gift guide through October 1, as I will be taking a lot of time to put it together if I get enough companies involved!

What I need from you:
- The company name and/or website you'd like me to pitch for my Christmas gift guide
- The product or products you'd like me to see about reviewing/giving away
- Limit of 5 companies per follower in comments please. I will be making a list =)

Either write a blog comment with name/sites you'd like seen or email me at mama4life07@gmail.com with a subject line of Christmas 2013 gift guide ideas.

Thank you!


  1. Christmas?!?! I'd love to see some organizational ideas and products to help me in my quest for an organized closet!

    1. I'm trying to line up reviews through December is why and keep track better =)

      I'm not too good with organization =/ I need to get more organized too lol :) I use laundry containers for my stuff - in kitchen lol.