4th of July - Squeezies Dairy Free Pudding Tubes

*Disclaimer - I received this lunchbag with pudding and yogurt tubes from Super Squeezies in order to facilitate this review for my readers. All opinions are 100% that of my own.

Our daughter LOVES this lunchbag since she won't be going to school until 2014. Inside was some dairy free pudding tubes which we all tried them, so I will tell you about that soon. 

Included inside this lunchbag from Squeezies was 3 tubes of the fudge chocolate pudding and 3 tubes of the strawberry banana pudding tubes. As you know, these are dairy free so they are going to taste a lot different than normal chocolate or strawberry banana pudding would.

Our daughter took the lunch bag captive as soon as she got hold of it! 

Opinions about the chocolate pudding:
My kids - They loved the chocolate fudge pudding and devoured it up pretty quickly. My kids did not however like the strawberry banana flavored pudding. We tried them frozen as well as not frozen.

My husband's step daughter - She did not enjoy either one. She said that the strawberry banana pudding had a bad over taste to it and the chocolate fudge one needs the dairy to taste good.

Mine - The first one I tried was the chocolate fudge pudding and it was okay but not great like I had thought it may taste, as I have never had a non dairy pudding before. The strawberry banana one was pretty decent, but I preferred it frozen over not frozen anyday.

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  1. Darn, I'm LI and was hoping to find a good dairy-free snack. Guess I'll just have to keep taking my lactase pills if I get a pudding craving.

  2. That's too bad that they aren't very good :(

  3. Love the LUNCH BAG. Miss my lunch bag now. About the pudding, I think they have to develop it more yummier to children to enjoy.