SweetLocks Brushes - Strawberry Sweetcake & Cheeky Cherrylime

*Disclaimer - I received the 2 hairbrushes in this post from SweetLocks Brushes in order to facilitate this review for my readers. All opinions are 100% that of my own and of my 4 1/2 year old daughter.

These are the 2 brushes I got to review for SweetLocks Brushes for my daughter and I.

This is the back of the brushes, and as you can see they are colorful!

Here's my daughter who is 4 1/2. She wouldn't do a normal or smiling picture for me. She loves her strawberry sweetcake scented brush from SweetLocks Brushes ! Her hair seemed a bit more smooth actually after she used the hairbrush we got a few times, so that's a plus.

Here's me with both brushes, so you can get a clearer look at them at different angle. 

My opinions of these brushes from a scented perspective:
  • I wouldn't recommend this brush if you have a short fuse for a strong smell. These are very strong in the scent. I was blown away by how strong it was when I first opened the package for the review items. 
  • The strawberry sweetcake is the lighter of scents compared to the cheeky cherrylime.

What scents are coming soon to the collection of SweetLocks Brushes?
- Fruit punch
- Sour apple
- Strawberry banana
- Cotton candy
- Raspberry lemonade
- Very berry
- Tangy mango
- Minty mama

What is the price of these awesome brushes?
$12.99 per brush

Are the brushes full size or small for a child?
- They are full size as you can see in the pictures I posted above. 
- These brushes are made for ages 7 - 12 years old, but my daughter likes hers and she's 4.

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  1. A brush with a sweet smell? How fun! Reminds me of the old time strawberry shortcake dolls!

    1. Yes! Over strong smell for sure but my daughter loves them! and yes me too!

  2. This reminds me of a strawberry scented doll I had as a kid! How fun to reminisce :)

  3. I wonder if the scent fades over time and that is why it is so strong at first. I would still like to try them though they probably make you hungry, lol.

  4. Those are really pretty! I would love a pretty scented brush like that!!