1995 Ford Taurus

We own a 1995 Ford Taurus just like the one in the photo above. I highly recommend this one. It lasted my Grandma 17 years and she gave it to us in like January and it's still good to go. We had to switch the radiator from our former blue '95 Ford Taurus to the green one in early April. It is fairly good on gas and ours takes about $35 in gas each time we fill up. My husband uses it daily to get to and from work. We will be taking it when we go out of town, so hopefully it does great for us as it's never done a long roadtrip. 

Head over to your local Ford dealership to find a car that's right for you and your family. It fits my childrens' 2 booster seats just fine, and has room in the middle for one small seat. 

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