Morning Glamour - 2 Satin pillowcases

*Disclaimer - I received 2 satin pillowcases from Morning Glamour in order to facilitate this review for my readers. All opinions are 100% that of my own.

This is the box like container that the 2 pillowcases came in.

This is the back of the pillowcase box that they came in.

Here's the pillowcase I use on my pillow, which is a normal standard sized pillow for my bed. 

I received 2 satin pillowcases from Morning Glamour and they are AMAZING!! I absolutely love mine. I gave the other pillowcase to my 4 year old daughter to use for her pillow, and she said it's nice and soft and she likes it a lot. I have to agree with her 100%! The pillowcase is definitely satin and feels so great! I get a much better night's sleep with this new pillowcase, as I don't have to continuously flip my pillow to have a cooler side. It stays at a comfortable temperature for me. I highly recommend these pillowcases to ANYONE wanting an awesome pillowcase that is easy to care for and comfortable to sleep on, that fits your standard sized pillow! 

What are some of the features of this pillowcase?
- Silky smooth pillowcase with a stay put pocket flap 
- It helps reduce hair frizz
- Choose from a wide variety of prints and solids
- Friction free
- 100% polyester satin charmeuse 
- Fits standard pillow 20" x 26"

What's the price of the Ivory 2 pcs set I received?
- The price of the Ivory color pillowcases I received are $24.99.

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