Handi Foil Products

I had the great pleasure of reviewing with Handi Foil and I received these awesome foils! I am very excited because it the big one will be great for lasagna, and the other 2 will be good for potatoes or cookout foods. My husband is big on cooking on the grill, so these will come in good use soon when we cookout in the nicer weather approaching us. 

These foils seem pretty sturdy to hold semi heavy foods, at least for the biggest one I received which is the one on the left. I have actually been wanting to try these for quite some time now and was very thrilled when I found their website. 

The great things about these Eco- friendly products are:
- 100% recyclable
- Meets FDA requirements
- Quality

Do you love to cook and have a quick on the go storage place to put it? Get these if so! I love mine already. 

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*Disclaimer - I received these Handi Foil eco friendly products in order to facilitate this review for my readers and followers. All opinions are 100% that of my own.


  1. I have used these products for as long as I can remember, would certainly be lost without them, one hell of an invention.

  2. I love them too, I have used off brand ones many times and they are very nice to have

  3. When I see these, I immediately think cookouts or turkey! Love the versatility! (or craft projects of course! They're perfect for corraling all the supplies!)

  4. That sounds like a great idea for crafts, Hobbies! Thanks for the idea!

  5. Love these! We moved into an apt after having a home - so w/so much stuck in storage, these are a life-saver!

  6. I need some of these. They would be great for cooking big dinners. I hate doing dishes!