Capri Designs - To Do List, Shopping List, Index Cards, and Accordion Organizer

*Disclaimer - I received these 3 items from Capri Designs in order to faciliate this review for my readers and followers. All opinions are 100% that of my own.

I chose this as one of the 3 items I wanted to review! I am in some serious need of organization in my life when it comes to to do lists. I am so glad I chose this Island Oasis Magnetic List Pad! This is a great investment for only $6.50 on their website!

I chose this great magnetic shopping list from Capri Designs! It helps my husband and I know what exactly is needed to buy at the grocery store on our shopping list. This is a great investment of your time and money, for only $6.50.

I chose to get these Sunrise Key Index Cards as the 3rd item to review. I love these and they are very convenient to use, even with kids! I use these to help my kids learn to read words.  The price of these index cards are only $7.50 on their website!

I got the Accordion Organizer as my last item to review for Capri Designs. My husband will get a lot of use of this one as it is great for filing papers in! The price of this is $18.00!


  1. I love anything that will help me get organized... I really like the design on that Accordion Organizer!

  2. I do too! It's a beautiful color and design