Brothers All Natural - Dried Fruit snacks

*Disclaimer - I received 22 sample packs of these great fruit snacks from Brothers All Natural in order to facilitate this review for my readers. All opinions are 100% that of my own, and of my husband and children. 

My family and I love these fruit crisp snacks from Brothers All Natural . They have a nice variety to choose from as you can see, and I received 22 bags of these awesome snacks! My husband takes some of these to work, and puts them in his cereal for breakfast. He says they taste great. He likes the banana, and mixed berries ones best. My take on the snacks are that my ultimate favorite one is the apples and cinnamon one. My kids, ages 4 and 5 absolutely loved the characters for Disney on the bags of some of the snacks, but their favorites were bananas and mixed berry snacks. These are great for on the go snacking needs!

The flavors offered are:
- Bananas
- Mixed berry
- Fuji apple
- Strawberry banana
- Pineapple
- Cinnamon apple

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