Boogie Wipes for Kids!!

*Disclaimer - I received a big stash of sample packs of Boogie Wipes and everything in the above picture from Boogie Wipes in order to facilitate this review for my readers. All opinions are 100% that of my own and of my children.

My kids were absolutely extatic when I said "Mommy got a package to review, and I think it's for you guys"!! They LOVE Boogie Wipes and the wipes are really great, especially for on the go needs for smaller children who tend to be messy at times. 

What did we receive to review??
- 9 small pack samples of Boogie Wipes
- 3 packs of 10 wipes
- 1 big pack of 30 wipes

How did we use the wipes we have used so far?
The wipes we have used are the sample packs of the grape scent and mint scent. My kids love the scent of the grape ones best. The fun thing about this brand is that they are scented and are great for kids to use for on the go face wiping or just dirty hands. These are good for anyone really, not just kids. 

What scents do these come in? 
- Grape
- Fresh scent
- Menthol
- Unscented

What are the prices of these wipes?
 - 10 count pack is $1.59 each
- They are all VERY reasonably priced and great for on the go use

Can these wipes be found anywhere store wise?

- Yes, I found some Boogie Wipes at our local Dollar Tree and got some before I got these to review. I am sure you can find them at a variety of different stores as well.

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