Safe Hands Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer Review

There were 6 total scents that I received in the review pack of samples from safeHands for my review, but misplaced the 6th one when I took this picture. My kids love this stuff so far, and it works great for when we're on the go and don't have much time for soap and water. 

The scents I received of the safeSquirts are:
- Tooty Fruity
- Cool Blue
- Bubble Gum
- Cucumber Mint
- Clean Linen
- Unscented

What are some of the benefits of this sanitizer?
- Alcohol free
- Scented
- Moisturizing
- Safe around kids
- Different colors
- Great for travel
- Easy to use
- Kills more than 99.99% of germs

What are the sizes these come in and the prices of them?
1.75 oz - $2.50
7 oz - $3.95
18 oz - $8.95

Do they ship internationally?
- Yes, they do.

*Disclaimer - I received the above 6 scented hand squirts sanitizers for free from Safe Hands. All opinions are 100% that of my own.


  1. They look cool. My kids hate the smell of regular hand sanitizer and may be more willing to use it with cool scents. :)

  2. My kids LOVE hand sanitizer, we use it a LOT because they don't like the hand blow dryers that are in public bathrooms, so we will use hand sanitizer. I usually buy mine from Bath & Body.. Might have to look more into these! :)