Flat Iron Experts Review - Turbo 2

The above, is my before photo of my hair before I used my new KQC Turbo 2 Tourmaline / Ceramic Flat Iron . I have naturally curly hair, so a new flat iron was much needed for my hair. I have always had curly hair and hate it; I need a good flat iron that won't fry my hair.

This is the flat iron that I received from Flat Iron Experts for my review. I wasn't sure what I'd be reviewing as they sell a huge amount of high quality products on their website. I was aboslutely thrilled when I went to the door for FedEx and found in the box a flat iron! I had to straighten my hair soon after I got it. 

This is my after photo of me with my hair after using the amazing flat iron I received from Flat Iron Experts . I think this is best product that I have owned with straighteners. I highly recommend the KQC Turbo 2 sold online at their website, for the price of $179.99. It's a very good high quality flat iron and is well worth the price. It's made a big difference in my hair!

The above photo is the back of my hair using the new flat iron.

Also included in the review products I received from this company are:
Macademia Natural Oil Rejuvenating Shampoo - $17.99 for the bottle I got

What is my experience and opinion of this flat iron I am reviewing?
I absolutely LOVE this flat iron and have no negative comments regarding the use and results from this product. I have curly hair when I don't take the time to straighten it, and had to get a new straightener and this is my new best friend! I will most definitely be keeping my hair straight a lot more. This is a 1 inch ceramic flat iron and is a very high quality product that is valued at $299.95 originally, but their sale price is $179.99 for this one!

What variety of hair products and styling tools does Flat Iron Experts sell on their website?
- Curling irons
- Flat irons
- Sprays
- Shampoos
- Hair straighteners
- Curling wands
- Diffusers
- Hair brushes
- Hair dryers
- Brush iron
- Hair extensions
- Wax warmers
- Professional clippers
- Hair feathers
- Beauty tools

What kind of policies do they have for their products when purchasing online?
- They have a 30 day money back guaranteed.
- 1 year limited warranty.

How fast does this flat iron heat up while waiting to use it, once turned on?
It heats up very quickly in a matter of seconds once you plug in and turn this baby on! I have never experience a fast heating flat iron until I got this one in my hands, and I'll never go back!

Flat Iron Experts media:
Facebook - follow them on their facebook for new products and other fun stuff!

*Disclaimer - I received the above products from Flat Iron Experts for free, in order to facilitate this review for my amazing followers and readers. All opinions and pictures are 100% my own. 


  1. I can see that the flat iron straightened your hair well, even though your picture is dark. I have really curly hair and love flat irons that can take me from curly to straight in a few pulls. Good quality.

  2. Thank you. I love this one a lot better than the Instyler I have. This one does not fry my hair or tear it up like some may do. Sorry about the picture - it was the best one I got earlier, other than the back picture I got. I love my hair straight as well.

  3. I have to get one of these. My daughter has curly hair and really needs one.

  4. She will love it! I'd recommend the styling spray that mine came with; it helps keep it shiny after using the flat iron.

  5. i have thier Large curling Iron..LOVE it! Next i want their hot rollers!

  6. It looks great! I keep meaning to check this place out...I think I will check into it now.

  7. If I could afford this high quality straightener I would definitely use it!! It worked so well on your sper curly hair! jenny at dapperhouse

  8. Love FIE's and the Macademaia line is awesome!

  9. My flat iron is really old. I'd love to try this one.

  10. I love my daughter's naturally curly hair...she doesn't. She's been through 4 flat irons now.

  11. What a transformation your hair looks fab, I love my flat iron wouldnt be without it.

  12. Wow! That is amazing! Your straight look is great and soo much longer. Very Cool!!

  13. I love Flat Iron, the spray they make is amazing. Love your results.

  14. Thank you! I love this flat iron, it's amazing