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New Years is a great time to make those resolutions for the whole year, as most of you already know. I know for me, I have two resolutions that I want to make sure that I succeed in conquering this whole year for myself, and my family. 

Resolution 1: To lose about twenty pounds between now and May 25, by doing my Insanity workout, which is a hardcore 60 day workout that will get my stomach flat and weight lost! What a good way to lose weight. If you have any goals that are to do with weight loss or fitness type ideas, then head over to MyGofer to see what they have in the means of weight loss products, and other fitness type products, to help you succeed in your journey, and shop their site, as they have some great products to offer you. I love to run and workout as I can, so this will be a goal I will meet by then. I encourage you to check our their products in the links above, to see what type of products they have that may help you with your weight loss journey in the next year. 

Resolution 2: I want to be sure that I spend as much time with my family and kids as I can this year, by saving time with my kids, by shopping on their website rather than in long lines at the store, which always seems to take forever. I am a stay at home mom, so I'm always with them all day, but we need to set specific times a day to spending quality time with each child, so that they both feel like we're spending the needed time as parent/child as we should be. Life is short, live it with the ones you love most. The time spent with your family can and should be the most meaningful time you can do in your life, especially with kids. I know for me, I love to take my kids to the park to feed the ducks when we can, and play with them on the playset. They love it when we're able to go to the park or just on outings in general. We have a lot of fun doing things as a family, and you should too! Set more time out during the week to do some fun things as a family.

What will your New Years resolutions be?

*Disclaimer - This is a sponsored blog post, and I am receiving a gift card for this post. All opinions are that of my own.

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