Packaways storage containers

This clear Packaway I received with 2 others - blue and pink, for reviewing purposes. These are great for storing your kids toys in and whatever else you may need them for.  They aren't really deep, but are excellent for what I need them for.

This is the blue one I received for reviewing purposes. I love how this one is, because it's for my son. He is 5, and has toys EVERYWHERE. I said let's pick up toys and put them in the Packaways. He did and filled it! The blanket is mine of course, but it's stuffed good, and is easy to maneuver around his room for what it's needed for.

Last but not least, is the pink one that I received for reviewing purposes. I love this one, because my 4 year old daughter's room is terrible in the messiness, so this was an absolute must to get for her. This one is holding all of her baby dolls and barbies she has, and it holds them well. She has so many toys. 

My thoughts on the Packaways products:
- I absolutely LOVE these easy to put together containers.
- They are colorful, and include a white tab as you can see for naming the box
- Kids can put this together easily
- It holds a lot of stuff inside 
- Doesn't break with semi heavy items inside

What are the prices of these?
12 gallon - $8.75 for natural color, $8.95 for color
16 gallon - $9.20 for natural color, $9. 50 for color
21 gallon - $9.75 for natural color, $10.10 for color

What colors are available?
- Pink
- Blue
- Lime green

*Disclaimer - I received these products above at no charge from Packaways in order to do my review of their products. All opinions in this post are 100% mine.

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