Libre Tea Glass

I am in love with this company already and just received my Libre Tea Glass in the mail today. I have used it for hot chocolate, as well as hot tea. It's made to keep drinks warm, mainly tea and it does its job! I got the Librea glass'n poly Original to review, and it's the pefect size for on the go drinks! I will more than likely be using this for more than just tea, but it works with any drinks I have tried in it so far, and doesn't spill. 

The price of the Original is only $22, which is excellent for what it does and can do with keeping your drinks warm/cold. I highly recommend this company when it comes to quick, quality service, as well as some great products they offer on their website . 

Go to their website for all your Libre Tea glass needs with drinkware.

*Disclaimer - I received 1 Original Libre Tea container in order to do this review on my blog. All opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. I like the sleek look, too! I need something new that will keep my beverages cold. I am going to check into these.