Influenster - 3 Dish soaps Vox Box!

Check out the new and improved Palmolive dish soaps in the new 3 lovely scents! I was accepted for the Influenster Palmolive Vox Box to review. These are now found at Walmart, so the next time you go to the store, look for these 3 new scents. My favorite is the Lemon Thyme scented Dish soap. I am constantly washing dishes in the sink with Palmolive soap, but none that actually have a nice scent to it.

As a mom, these are a must buy for washing dishes and actually possibly enjoying doing so. These are full size bottles that I received, and I'm very glad I was accepted for this Vox Box challenge from Influenster. You can join their website too, and earn badges to become eligible for different Vox Boxes!

*Disclaimer - I received these 3 dish soaps for my Vox Box Challenge from Influenster for my blog post.


  1. I got this too and love this stuff!

  2. I bet the Lemon Thyme has a lovely aroma, something so small like this can make such a big difference to mundane tasks.