Holiday Gift Guide 2013 - Posy Lane Duffel Bag

I have the amazing opportunity to work with Posy Lane for my review. I had contacted them about possibly sponsoring a product for my Holiday Gift Guide 2013 - Valentines Day and they said yes, once I bought my own domain. I was told I could choose from a list of items, and decided that this duffel bag would be the perfect product for me to review. 

Posy Lane is a great company to shop at online, and they have a wide variety of several different products, such as kids duffel bags , personalized lunch totes , phone cases , and much more! If you'd like to suprise your child with a personalized backpack , they have them. 

This duffel bag that I received for review is very cute in the size and is perfect for kids to carry their clothes in to go spend the night at Grandma and Papa's house, or just to put some odds and ends in. I love how well made this bag is. You can see the detail and nice hand work that went into making this. 

Update about their company:
They go against Google's guidelines and don't tell you as a blogger that the links need to be DoFollow which is not allowed and even after 1 MONTH of saying great post, they then try to get you to ship the product BACK due to their miscommunication. I have to do what Google says for my blog, especially if it was not specified before I got the review item.I will not work with them again.

The price of this owl duffel bag for you to buy is:
- $22.90. 
- Personalize it for $6 extra
- Add a matching water bottle for $8.99
- Pick thread color, font, and embroidery/monogram

Here are some more owl related products if you like this theme that you can buy:
Nap mat
Quilted backpack
Water bottle

The colors on this owl duffel bag are:
- Brown
- Light pink
- Hot pink
- Lime green
- Light green
- Yellow
- Gold

This is on one side of the duffel bag and I got to choose what name to get on it, as they can be personalized. 

My daughter and I will be sharing this one. As you can see in the 2nd picture, it has an owl on the other side of the duffel, which is cute!

*Disclaimer - I received this owl personalized duffel bag from Posy Lane free of cost, in return for my honest review of the product. All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. That is the cutest duffel bag, great !!

  2. Thanks! We love it too, and it's the perfect size for kids too.

  3. Me too. It's adorable. This has my name on it, because I wasn't sure about getting my daughter's name on it. She'll use it when they go stay the night at Papa's =)