Holiday Gift Guide 2013 - Build a Bear

How I found Build a Bear online:
I am very excited to bring this review to you today, as I am officially in love with Build a Bear Workshop and their products! I have never purchased one of their cute stuffed animals before, but have always wanted to. 

Decisions, Decisions:
I was excited to bring you this awesome review and giveaway opprotunity, and asked if they could send my son one too (puppy). Their customer service is superb! I highly recommend shopping on their website for your fast on the go Build a Bear needs.

                           My son's take on his new puppy from Build a Bear:

My son David heard the Fed Ex truck pull up into the driveway, and he said "Mommy, the mail person is here for a package". So, we ran outside and told them thank you, and came inside the house to open up the expected surprise that was inside! He said "What is it? What is it"? I told him to bring it into the kitchen, so I could open the big box. I said "Go get your sister. There's a surprise for her too, in here". He saw the puppy and looked up and said "Aw what a cute puppy with angel wings. Thank you, Mommy". I asked him what he's going to name him, and he said "Rusty". 

                         My daughter's take on her new puppy from Build a Bear:

My daughter Alayna has been waiting on this puppy to come, because she had no idea Hello Kitty is on its way to review as well. She LOVES this puppy. She loves the little bone attachment that's on her paw, and the wings too of course. She named her puppy "Penny". She is napping with her right now. She had asked me if she can use the puppy as a pillow, I said sure.

My take on these 2 adorable puppies I received for review:
I love that these puppies aren't small in size, they're pretty big. They are cuddly and are soft, and the cutest part of them to me is their angel wings behind them! My kids love stuffed animals, more so my daughter so I knew I had to contact Build a Bear about this wonderful opprotunity for both them and myself, as a blogger. Below you'll see the back of the puppy with her wings.

What size does this adorable Hugs A Plenty Puppy come in?
15" is the size of the puppy. It's not small by any means, but isn't too big either.

What is the price of the puppy?
$16 without the wings or skirt on.

What's the weight of the puppy?
0.8 oz is the weight

*Disclaimer - I received 2 Hugs a Plenty Puppies for my review post, and have 1 Hello Kitty on the way for reviewing. They are also sponsoring a giveaway for 1 lucky winner for this puppy. Remember to enter, because it ends on February 7.


  1. You know I have vivid and fond memories of taking my older children (now 22 and 18) to build a bear when they were young. It was always a magical and precious time together...my son is 10 and has an elephant in a Spider Man Costume from there that he sleeps with! Since you reminded me of Build a Bear I am going to take my son there and get one for our new baby nephew as a baby gift from his cousin!!!! YAY! THANKS!
    jenny at dapperhouse

  2. Build a Bear became popular when my girls were too big to want one. Now that I have a 2 year old, I'll have to take a better look into them!

  3. We love BAB! I've never ordered online before but have loved going to the store to make the bears! Really cute!