Holiday Gift Guide 2013 - Build a Bear

*Disclaimer - We received Hello Kitty, so enjoy my review for Build a Bear.

My daughter Alayna, who is 4 years old has been patiently waiting for this adorable Hello Kitty to arrive from Build a Bear, and last night when we got home, I said "Let's go see if there's any boxes on the porch tonight". She took off running to the front door and yelled "HELLO KITTY IS HERE MOMMY". Sure enough, the box had the Hello Kitty inside. This animal is so precious, and is not small at all. It's perfect for little girls who love to be girly and like to dress up their dolls and animals. 
This precious kitty has a lot included:
- Dress already on her
- Bow on her head that's removable
- Red shoes on her feet
- Red purse to go on her arm

You can probably find this Hello Kitty in the store at your local Build a Bear Workshop, but online to get the Hello Kitty with accessories included, the price would be $51.50. My daughter loves hers already, and takes her everywhere she can! We are definitely Hello Kitty friendly and are happy to have her in our home. 

*Disclaimer - I received this adorable Hello Kitty from Build a Bear for my review. They also are sponsoring my Valentines Day gift guide giveaway which ends on February 7, so get those entries in.


  1. That is cool that that bow is removable!


  2. Good size plush for a 4-year-old, very cute!

  3. How cute is that, I love Build A Bear and Hello Kitty, the two combined make a perfect gift.

  4. OMG! I had no idea that BAB carried Hello Kitty dolls. My girls need these!