Zoobie Blanket Pet - Puppy!

Zoobies Blanket Pet are great for kids and have a wide variety of different pets available to buy, as well as characters and storybooks, and more! They are awesome in the size and are very well made in the design.

The review Zoobie Pet I received:
I received the Poco the Pup Zoobie for review, and my kids LOVE him so far! Since I couldn't review 2, they of course will need to share on who uses what sometimes but right now my daughter wants the puppy to sleep with and my son will use the soft blanket it came with! Below is my son hugging their new Zoobie Pup.

Measurements of the blanket and Zoobie Pet:
The length of the blanket that Poco has inside the zipper pocket is about 44" x 34" in size. The exact measurements of Poco the Pup are: Length: 17", Width: 7", and Height: 10". The blanket's exact measurements are: 44" x 34".

The fit of the blanket for kids:
My kids aren't too short, but also aren't too tall and it fits them great. It's brown, the same color as the puppy. This Zoobie Blanket Pet would make for a perfect child's Christmas or birthday gift. He is very soft to the touch, and so is the blanket and it has a tag sewed onto it.

The price for the generic pets:
The price for these cute Zoobie Pets for the general pets such the puppy is $29.99, and of course it comes with a blanket inside. The head of these animals is microbead stuffed, so it's great for kids to love on. The added materials of this dog and blanket are made of 100% Polyester.

Washing & cleaning instructions for the blanket are:
You can machine wash the blanket and tumble dry it. The blanket is easily zipped off for easy cleaning.

Washing & cleaning instructions for the outer pouch are:
Spot wash it. If you need to wash it in the machine, then please use a laundry bag that is meant for delicates.

This toy is good for ages 3 & up, but it's safety tested for all ages!

*Disclaimer - I received 1 Puppy Zoobies Blanket Pet from Zoobies in return for my blog review post. It had no change of the opinions I have on the company or their products.


  1. The puppy is adorable! We love zoobies!

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