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*Disclaimer - This is a paid blog post I am doing for Campus Book Rentals .

Campus Book Rentals is a great way for college students to save some money on their textbooks! You can rent textbooks for your college classes and degrees, not have to buy them anymore. Try it out and see how you like it! 

I don't know much about college, as I've never been enrolled in it but I do know from friends telling me about it, that college books are SO expensive to buy and can wind you up in debt over your head if you don't watch it. Try Campus Book Rentals for your college textbooks and see how it works for you financially. You'll likely find that it's a good deal for you, and that it saves money, and remember you're renting them not buying.

Attention college students: You can save anywhere from about 40 - 90% off the normal bookstore price just from renting the books rather than buying them. That is a LOT of money saved right there, so what are you waiting for? 

Want to know what some great things are about Campus Book Rentals ? 

- Free shipping to receive the book once you rent it as well as it being free shipping to send it back to their website once you're done reading it.
- The awesome thing about their website is that they actually donate to Operation Smile with every book they rent! 
- You're allowed to highlight inside the books you rent from their website.
- They have a good and flexible renting period for books

If you need some textbooks on a Criminal Justice book, then their rental is the way to go; you'll only pay $47.87 if you want to rent it from now until December 21, 2012 which is great! If you need a book on Economics, it's easy to find in the link I provided for you. 

You can do a search on their engine on just about any kind of topic book you need for renting from them, and it's quick and easy to do. 

 How does Campus Book Rentals work?


  1. I love this concept of renting books! Books are just too expensive these days!

  2. This is a great idea, school books are so expensive!

  3. My husband is a college instructor and always tells his students to rent books, they are cheaper than what is sold by the school and in his field, the information changes so quickly that the books are old news by the time the class is over.