PB Crave variety 4 pack Review

I received 4 varied flavors of PB Crave in return for my review on my blog, as well as the sponsored Giveaway they provided. The winner of the giveaway was contacted and is pending shipment!

The flavors I received for this review are:
Coco Bananas - I don't like bananas, so this one was given to my kids and let me tell you, they LOVE it! I make it fun and add it as peanut butter with their jelly, so they ask for it around lunch.

Razzle Dazzle - This one has raspberry flavor in it, so I am letting my dad and kids share this one and they all love it so far.

Cookie Nookie - I LOVE this one and have a hard time sharing it. It has a big similarity to cookies, so of course I love this one. I use it on my bread without jelly or anything and it tastes just fine that way.

Choco Choco - This tastes a lot like chocolate chips and is pretty realistic in the taste. I love it and so do my kids, so it's a win/win situation.

These jars of PB Crave are all 16 oz in size which is 1 lb, so it's a normal peanut butter jar size, and with these flavors you will not be sorry for ordering them! Grab some for the whole family.

*Disclaimer - I received 4 flavors of PB Crave free of cost in return for this blog review post. They also sponsored my giveaway.

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