Funhouse T shirt

I came across a company named Funhouse T shirts . They're on Etsy. I decided to contact them to ask about possibly reviewing a T- shirt for them here on my blog, and they said yes. I picked the Oh Snap! Ginger bread man T shirt in tan color. These are all uni sex t shirts, so I got the size small. This awesome shop has 100s of t shirts and onsies to choose from for infants, toddlers and adults!

The T shirt comes in the following colors:
- tan brown
- blue
- red
- orange
- grey
- white

Sizes available in this Gingerbread shirt are:
- Small
- Medium
- Large
- X Large

What is the material of these T shirts are made of?
100% cotton


These are high quality printed t shirts from this company that they print. They will not peel off in the washing machine, so don't worry about that! The shirts fits me great!

*Disclaimer - I received this Gingerbread T-shirt from Funhouse at no cost in order to do this review

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