EOS Vanilla Bliss Shave Cream

First off, let me say EOS (Evolution of Smooth) is an amazing lotion and shaving cream line that's sold at a variety of stores, even Walmart. It's very affordable too which is really nice. I will include pictures of the products that I own from the EOS line, as well as this product I got for review so you know what they have available to buy!

I have this one and 2 other 12 oz bottles of the lotion

I have this mini lotion is melon and berry scents.

EOS Vanilla Bliss shave cream:
I received this product to review and let me tell you I absolutely LOVE it so far! It smells great and is 7 oz in size which is perfect for what I need; now I won't need to go buy shaving cream this month! This shave cream does its job; it makes your legs smooth as you're shaving them and leaves a vanilla scent on your skin after rinsing it off!

This shave cream has different prices as they're at different stores, but their official website is :
EOS website

Follow EOS on Twitter!

Fan Page for EOS - like their page

*I received this EOS Vanilla Bliss shave cream free in return for my review on this blog post here.

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