Snack sack by Snack Taxi Review

I got the opprotunity to review a Snack sack from Snack Taxi and love it! It's so easy to use for simple snacks for my kids as well as a sandwhich for me. Easy to use for on the go! They have a lot to offer for sale at Snack Taxi, so head over there and find some awesome deals for you and your family!

We used the small sack I got today at the picnic at the lake for some goldfish my kids wanted to have for snack. It worked perfect for a couple handfuls worth!

These snack sacks are about $7.95 each which is a great deal! I got the blue one from their website with flowers on it. I will be using it a lot in the near future with as much as my kids and I love to picnic outside for lunch.

These snack sacks are re-usable and are hand made, and are able to be machine washed but it's best recommended to used a non scented laundry soap with this product. The material that this is made of is 100% cotton, and the interior is lined with polyurethane coated nylon.

*Disclaimer - I received this snack sack from Snack Taxi free of cost in return for my honest review.

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