Polar Bear Coolers Review - Travel mug & 12 pack Camo cooler

Here's where you can order your own Polar Bear Travel Mug as well as your own Mossy Oak Duck Blind 12 pack Polar Bear Cooler . The mug is only $15.00 here - http://www.polarbearcoolers.com/traveler/mug.html & is 16 oz in size and fits perfectly in the fridge or freezer alike. It's easily popped open to drink out of and popped closed for non spill proof mug.

As you can see it has a polar bear logo on the front of the mug, and it's actually made of stainless steel as well as plastic.

The above video is a demo of how to use and pour your mug to open and close.

The 12 Pack Duck Blind Cooler is only $45.00 on their website and is big enough to use it for storing other products if you don't plan on using it for just drinks. Its lengths are 7"x14"x12" .

As you can see, it's nicely made and has camo features all over the cooler, and the convenience is the it has a strap and velcro to close for carrying as well. It's very easy to carry and good for on the go.

The awesome thing about this cooler is that it will keep ice up to 24 hours in 100 degree heat outside & will keep hot up to 200 degrees for many hours.

I'd like to thank Polar Bear Coolers for allowing me to review these two great products for them on my blog for my viewers to be able to see what their company is all about.

*Disclaimer - I received both the 12 pack camo cooler and the travel mug free of cost, in return for my blog review of the products and the company who sells them.

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