Rock N Stroller CD for Kids and Parents to Enjoy Together

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Are you looking for a good set of kids' CDs?

Our younger two kids love music, so I was excited when I got the two CDs in this post, in the mail for them. These are called Rock N Stroller and are older songs that parents can enjoy with their kids! If you love some good songs and want to experience them with your kids, be sure to buy these!

The information below was shared with me about these CDs:
Parents who are tired of singing the theme song to their kids’ favorite animated films for the 1000th time are finally in luck!  Just in time for end of summer road trips and back to school carpool lanes comes a brand new CD collection featuring popular songs for kids that their parents will love too.  Rock-n-Stroller is a multi volume CD collection produced by Grammy award-winning producer Andy Zulla and award winning recording artist and Broadway performer Matt Zarley which brings back classic songs from the 70’s and 80s in a style that will get kids of all ages singing along to their parent’s favorite tunes.

Rock-n-Stroller Volume I, currently available on Amazon and iTunes, features some of the greatest hits of all time like Don’t Stop (Fleetwood Mac), I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Whitney Houston), Sweet Dreams (The Eurythmics), and Start me Up (Rolling Stones) all performed by talented young singers.  Rock-n-Stroller Volume II which debuts September 8, will feature pop and rock favorites like Here Comes the Sun (The Beatles), Surfin’ USA (Beach Boys), Dancing Queen (ABBA), I Love Rock and Roll (Joan Jett and The Blackhearts), We Belong (Pat Benatar) and Sweet Child O’ Mine (Guns n’ Roses), and many more! 

“As a parent, I wanted to listen to music that my child would enjoy, but also share music that I would love to listen to as well,” says Andy Zulla, executive producer.  “We’re bringing back classic pop and rock songs that parents will remember from their past by introducing those great songs to their kids.” 

“What better way to share your generation of music with your kids,” Zarley adds.  “You’ll be exposing them to decades of pop and rock classics that they may never get a chance to hear.  It’s a win-win, really.  Rock-n-Stroller is music for kids...that adults will love!”
The Rock-n-Stroller Volume I CD is available for download on iTunes or on Amazon for $9.99 or $8.99 as a downloadable MP3.  Rock-n-Stroller Volume II will be available for sale on Amazon and iTunes September 8, 2017.

About Rock-n-Stroller 
Rock-n-Stroller was created by Matt Zarley and Andy Zulla. ​After enduring endless hours of listening to kids sing the latest top 40 tunes on any of those popular kids cover song CD’s, Andy says he and Matt had an idea.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if these songs (that kids love to sing incessantly), were the songs that we actually wanted to hear?  And with that question, the concept of Rock-n-Stroller was born.

Rock-n-Stroller picks up where those other CD collections left behind...classic, timeless songs that are beloved by generations.   The first album contains 10 classic hits from the 70’s and 80’s like Into the Groove, Take on Me, and I Wanna Dance with Somebody. The tunes are rock  and pop hits that are re-recorded by talented young artists. The result is a sound that young children and parents will want to sing-along to again and again. The second album continues where their first CD collections leaves off, with timeless pop and rock songs originally performed by artists like Elton John, The Beatles, Huey Lewis and ABBA and more. 

Rock-n-Stroller Volume I
867-5309 / Jenny 
Don't Stop 
Into The Groove 
Don't You Forget About Me
Take On Me 
I Wanna Dance With Somebody
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da 
Start Me Up 
Baby Love

Rock-n-Stroller Volume II
Boys of Summer
Sweet Child of Mine
Surfin’ USA
Dancing Queen
Rock this Town
I Love Rock & Roll
Heart of Rock & Roll
Here Comes the Sun
I’m Still Standing

We Belong

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