3 Fun and Free Outdoor Activities to Do with Toddlers

Are you looking for some fun things to do with your toddler outside when the weather is nice?

We have a two year old, so I know how it is to want to find things for toddlers to do!

One thing that is very high on our toddler's want to do list daily is go to the park! Since his brother and sister go to the park program, we go a bit early to let them all play before we head back home until time to get them. 

Here are some free activities to do with toddlers:

1. Go to the park - We live right by the park so it's only about a two minute or so walk to get there.

2. Library - You can head to your local library to get books to read as well as a reading time where other kids are.

3. Go swimming - You can go to your local pool. Ours is free but due to not having but one vehicle now, we don't go unless my husband goes too.


  1. We do a park tour with my sister. There are two playgrounds in my town and one in hers so we take turns between them so the kids get new adventures each time

  2. Great simple ideas! Our local library has so many activities year round for children and I think it's so under-utilized.