Girl Scout Cookies are NOW on Sale!!

*Disclaimer - This post is to promote our daughter's sales for her Brownie Scouts. If you purchase any cookies with the link provided in this post, the sale will go to her account to help with Girl Scout Camp in the summer.

Are you looking for a delicious snack for your family???

Our daughter is in 2nd grade now, so she is a Brownie Scout with our local troop. Girl Scout Cookie Sales starting TODAY!!!! If you want to place an order or multiple orders, please go to our daughter's Cookie Sale page, HERE! Any sales purchased through this link will go to her girl scout account.

If you're looking for a great snack to share with the family or your friends, then you can never go wrong with Girl Scout Cookies.

The pricing is as follows:
$5 - Toffee-tastic
$5 - Girl Scout S'mores
$4 - Thin Mints
$4 - Do-Si-Dos
$4 - Samoas
$4 - Savannah Smiles
$4 - Tagalongs
$4 - Trefoils

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