Check your Health Plan knowledge and enter to win!

“Are You a Health Plan Pro? You can find out with a game on the UnitedHealthcare website. It consists of 4 stages that educate people about health care information. 

The entire campaign will consist of 3 or 4 stages to health care. Each stage revolves around acquiring enough knowledge to make you feel confident in choosing a plan that best fits you and your family.

Stage 1: Answer a few activity questions about health care (mostly terminology)...if you get an answer wrong, it tells you the right answer so you are learning no matter what. 

Stage 2: Play a matching game surrounding the three different types of health care accounts—the FSA, HSA, and HRA. You will be given three different descriptions of the accounts, and will have to drag and drop each account label to the description it matches. 

Stage 3: Use our slide configurator to learn more about premiums versus out-of-pocket ratios. You will be given a family description and their health care needs (family of four / children 8 and 14...occasional need of prescriptions, visits ER once or twice a year, etc.) and must use the sliders to figure out the correlation between the premium and out-of-pocket costs for that specific scenario. 

Stage 4. Use our ranker to organize 8 health care situations from least expensive to most expensive (examples are having a baby, going to urgent care, having a surgery)...once you rank them, it will correct any mistakes you made so you know which item belongs where in the list...it will also tell you how each item affects your out-of-pocket costs. 

Check your Health Plan knowledge and enter to win! After you have completed each engagement (should take a total of around 5-6 minutes) you will enter your name and email to be entered to win a prize. 

Then you will receive a score on a scale of 1 to 5 stars for how ready you are to purchase a plan. That way, you know whether you need to do more research or that you feel confident in yourself to purchase the best plan for you and your family. 

 The “Are You a Health Plan Pro? activity will last two months, October 3rd to November 30th on the UHC website where weekly $100 prizes and $500 monthly cash prizes will be distributed. 

 Also, you have more chances to enter to win below. There will be two prizes, each one will be a $100 Amazon gift card. One will be given on November 1 and the second will be given on December 1. All entries will count towards both gift cards. 

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