Holiday Gift Guide: Happy Thanksgiving from Martin's Food Market!

*Disclaimer - I received a gift card for purchasing products at Martin's Foods in order to facilitate this portion of my holiday posts for them, on my blog for my readers.

I was provided one gift card for me to use for purchasing products at our local Martin's Food Market. The other set of $25 gift cards were given away locally for a giveaway. 

Thanksgiving is such a great time of the year, where so many people are baking, cooking, and getting ready for the holidays. You know what's great about that? Being with family and friends and cooking a nice meal. 

Martin's Food Market is a great place to shop for all of your baking and cooking needs! I was excited to be able to have a gift card to be able to go shopping for holiday products, as well as using a handful of coupons as well to get store brand products to try out. I pre-ordered a sampler appetizer dish, so of course I picked it up when we got to that part of the store. It was delicious.

If you know me around the holidays, you'd know I love pumpkin spice things! I found several of those products, bought some clearance candy, Christmas cookie containers with lids for my husband to have for baking cookies, food storage containers, and so much more! 

I absolutely love Martin's Food Market and how their store is set up. They have the best prices around for sure. It's so much cheaper than other stores with about 97% of their items, whether food or non-food products. I love how a lot of the things that I bought were under $10 and some of them were 2 for $4 or 2 for $5. I use a lot of storage containers to keep stuff in the fridge, especially around the holidays so this is definitely the store for me and our family of 5.

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