Sponsor Submissions for Christmas 2013 Gift Guide - Accepted through October 31.

If you're a company, online store, or retailer who is interested in sponsoring a product or products for Fun Reviews and Giveaways Christmas gift guide, please see the form here to fill out and submit to me, Alicia before October 31. 

I am looking for reviews and giveaways for Christmas for the following categories, so if you think you're a good fit please submit your answers and any questions you may have for me in the form, or feel free to email Alicia at mama4life07@gmail.com . Remember that my minimum value of review items is $25.

Categories & items that I am looking for sponsors with my Christmas gift guide:

Childrens' items: baby dolls, cars, trucks, outside toys, kitchen sets, trampoline, kids twin size bedding for both a girl and boy, remote control cars, tools - plastic or real, playhouse, kids clothing: boy - size 6 - 7 boys in shirts, 6 boys in pants and jeans, girl - 5 toddler or size 6 girls, kids shoes - size 12 for a 5 1/2 yr old boy and size 11 for a 4 1/2 yr old girl, book bags for a girl and boy. personalized items, coloring books, crayons.

Women's items: Mini fridge, Stylish trash bins or trashcans, Mirror that is round and can go on a wall, Junior clothing - jeans, shirts, pants, pajama wear, bras, leggings, shoes, dress clothes. jewelry of any kind, nail polish, make up, make up bags / containers, storage containers, laundry hampers, bedding for a twin size bed, notebooks to journal in, personalized items.

Men's items: Tools, shirts, pants, jeans, colognes, shoes, tool bag, toolbox, filing cabinet.

Electronics: Tablet PC of any kind, IPAD, laptop - size doesn't matter, GPS, DVDs for children and family, cordless drill - tool, Leap Frog / Leap Pad systems with 1 game.

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